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Research Vector Core

Xueyuan Liu

Xueyuan Liu

Part of The Raymond G. Perelman Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics, the Research Vector Core is designed and developed to support investigators interested in using viral vectors in their research model systems.

The Research Vector Core provides state-of-the-art technology support for investigators requiring viral-based vectors for gene transfer in basic research and pre-clinical studies. The core utilizes molecular biology techniques and follows Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines to engineer and produce premium quality recombinant AAV and Lentiviral (LV) vectors at a variety of scales. The core works closely with investigators to develop vectors for individual experiments.

Xueyuan Liu

Faculty Advisor
Beverly Davidson, PhD

The research vector core has 2 support rooms dedicated to AAV and Lentiviral productions. The rooms contain three 6-ft hoods, 2 sets of standard double stacker incubators, and 4 roller bottle incubators (100 bottle capacity ea) in total. In adjacent laboratory space, there are equipment for manufacture, quality controls and other molecular biological works.

The specialized equipment include microfluidizer, centrifuge and ultracentrifuges with assorted rotors, large and small-scale Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) for manufacture, incubator, shaker, microplate reader, Nanodrop, digital PCR, pH meter, thermocycler, gel electrophoresis, and western blot for quality control.

AAV Vectors

  • Standard (in stock) or customized
  • AAV2 ITR elements serotyped with either AAV1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or DJ capsids (or customized per sponsor requirements)
  • Expressing fluorescent proteins (including eGFP, mCherry), luciferases, bicistronic constructs and tissue-specific promoters and/or your transgene of interest
  • Purified and ready to use vectors for in vitro and in vitro studies

LV Vectors

  • Standard (in stock) or customized
  • Vectors pseudotyped with VSV-G envelope protein or alternative envelopes
  • Third generation packaging system minimizes the risk of replication-competent lentivirus
  • Expressing fluorescent reporters (including eGFP, mCherry, Cyan), luciferase or transgene of interest
  • Available as crude virus supernatant for infecting cells in vitro or as purified and concentrated virus for in vivo experiments

Vector Design and Cloning

  • Cloning transgene cassette into packaging vectors
  • Tissue Specific Promoters
  • Bicistronic Constructs

Plasmid DNA Amplification and Confirmation

  • DNA Amplification
  • DAN Restriction Enzyme Digestions
  • DNA Structure and Sequence Analysis

Vector Quality Control

  • Purity Assessment
  • Genomic Titer Determination
  • Particle Titer Determination
  • Infectious Titer Determination
  • Infectivity Assay (TCID50)
  • Endotoxin Assay
  • Bioburden Assay

Project Consultations
If you are interested in our research vector services, please contact our core admin for further information.

  • Research Vector Core
    Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    3501 Civic Center Blvd
    Philadelphia PA 19104
  • Phone: 267-425-3017

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