CChIPS Annual Reports

CChIPS Annual Reports

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2015 Conference Materials

2015 Conference Materials

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Treating Children as Children

The Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center that focuses exclusively on making children and adolescents safer. Through CChIPS, researchers from CHOP, the University of Pennsylvania, and The Ohio State University work side by side with industry members to conduct translational research that is practical to industry. Of the more than 70 I/UCRC designated centers nationwide, CChIPS is the only one that focuses solely on child injury prevention.

This synergistic collaboration between industry and academia creates an ideal environment for generating ideas for new research projects and to leverage shared expertise and resources.

The CChIPS method applies the science of biomechanical epidemiology to the analysis of crash-related data. A unique and comprehensive approach, biomechanical epidemiology integrates the principles of engineering, behavioral science, and epidemiology into study designs.

CChIPS Mission

The CChIPS mission is to advance the safety of children, youth, and young adults (through age 24) by facilitating scientific inquiry into childhood and young adult injuries and to translate these findings into commercial applications and public education programs for preventing future injuries from occurring.

The fundamental idea behind the work of CChIPS is that children are not small adults. Therefore, their response to trauma and safety needs deserve to be examined and understood as a distinct branch of science. With the increasing complexity of vehicles and restraint systems, the need to ensure the safety of children is greater today than ever.

Currently, all CChIPS research is focused on preventing traffic injuries, the leading cause of injury and death for children, youth, and young adults. The project may expand to include other causes of injury and death in the future.

Areas of Research

The scope of CChIPS research projects include:

  • injury biomechanics, mechanisms, and tolerance
  • technological solutions (design, development, and testing)
  • human interaction with and behavior related to safety technology
  • safety promotion and education
  • the evaluation of safety devices or unsafe behavior modification programs

About This Center

This Center is made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) which unites CHOP, University of Pennsylvania, and The Ohio State University researchers with R&D leaders in the automotive and insurance industries to translate research findings into tangible innovations in safety technology and public education programs.

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